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WSF : Rhythm of Winter – Khoo Gee Bin & Brenda

WSF : Rhythm of Winter – Khoo Gee Bin & Brenda from CandidSyndrome Film on Vimeo.

Director : Saiful Nang
DOP : Ahmad Hafidzuddin
Photographer : Dinie Masjuki
Editor : Omaw Rodzuan
Editor The Making : Azim Zulkifli
Client : Daryl Khoo & Brenda
Song : Jackie Chan & Kim Hee Sun – Endless Love (OST)

For the sake of our fans, our videography followers we specially dedicate a BTS to all of you here vimeo.com/​24914089

We shoot this short film after we have done out debut in Wedding Short Film. It’s a new trend and getting very popular soon. The story still based from the real story of both Daryl & Brenda. A little usage of metaphor and some flavor made the whole things just like a movie. The genre is pretty much sad till the end with a little twist in the end of the story.

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