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BTS : The Making of The Lollipop – CandidSyndrome Film

BTS : The Making of The Lollipop – CandidSyndrome Film from CandidSyndrome Film on Vimeo.


Client : Datuk Mazlin Junid
Genre : WSF : Wedding Short Film
This Video : Behind the Scene
Venue : Perth, WA Australia
Producer / Director : Saiful Nang
Written by : Azim
Co-director : Azim
Official Photographer : Azreen
Chief Photographer : Ahmad Hafidzuddin
Jib operator : Azim & Ahmad Hafidzuddin
Audioman : Omaw
Idea : CandidSyndrome
Grip : Azreen
Logistic & Finance : Yuslan Suip
PRO : Azman Salikin

This video (BTS) is for the purpose of inspiring the young filming team to dream further. We do this for the sake of passion. Thank Datuk Mazlin and family for being very supportive. The opportunity is the best we ever had and we are still counting the day and time to depart to London & Paris for another 2 wedding short-film. This is really fantastic when you got to deal with something that you love to do. No biggie right? Nobody need to push you to wake-up in the morning to do something u like.

Come on guys, please watch and show your appreciation by link this video to your facebook or copy embed code and paste it in your blog. We’ll be more than happy to share more and more and more The Making film for our future films.

Thanks a lot


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