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WSF : Shah & Zara – A Tale of a Successful Stalker Lover

WSF : Shah & Zara – A Tales of Succesful Stalker Lover from CandidSyndrome Film on Vimeo.

Imagine a friend to your dad stalking you till London? The good side of the story was and I would say…the most fortunate story was your dad’s friend is not as old as your dad. Just 7-8 years away from you. Phewww.

The story began when Shah went to Faisal’s home after Faisal’s been attacked by a minor stroke. Shah is Faisal’s golfing buddy. Faisal is Zara’s father. Now, can you imagine how the story is?

Shah at the age of 35 found his love one this year January and straight away said…yes, she’s the one. Let’s talk less about that, so the stalking was intentionally just to track where Zara is and how to get connected to Zara. Which finally…happy ending!

The both got married 2 weeks ago. This shortie shot in London and Petaling Jaya.

Crew List

Script : Saiful Nang
Director : Azim
DOP : Hafidzuddin Aziz
Camera 1 : Omaw Rodzuan
Photography : Saiful Nang
Client : Zara & Shah

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